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  • Dr. Norman's ProBESTerone Cream

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    Dr. Norman's ProBESTerone Cream
    Dr. Norman's ProBESTerone Cream
    Dr. Norman recommends the transdermal cream rather than oral progesterone, because some 80% to 90% of the oral dose is lost through the liver. Thus, at least 200 to 400 mg daily is needed orally to achieve a physiologic dose of 15 to 24 mg daily. Such high doses create undesirable metabolites and unnecessarily overload the liver.

    Progesterone cream is applied to abdomen, thighs and breasts, allowing for higher absorption because of direct entrance to the bloodstream.

    When progesterone is mixed into a properly made progesterone cream or gel, and then rubbed on the skin, virtually all of it reaches the tissues as progesterone, making it a reliable delivery system. A cream or gel is properly made when the progesterone is evenly distributed throughout the cream, and well dissolved. Progesterone cream that feels grainy has precipitated out of the cream and shouldn’t be used. Most of the progesterone cream sold over-the-counter is made by the same few companies and private-labeled. ********We have seen very few, if any that are willing to back up their product with lab results. 

    With Dr. Norman's new formula we've helped improve the delivery system and removed the middle man to cut costs dramatically. We have lab reports that show ProBesterone took a postmenopausal women and increased her progesterone level from a 7 pg/ml to a 16 pg/ml in just 28 days. This is the Newest and Best over the counter progesterone cream to hit the market! 10/2/2013